Course Organizers: Drs. Susana Campuzano and María Pedrero

This course, given by people with extensive experience in the field, will offer a global, critical and updated vision of the unique features offered by electrochemical biosensors in the fields of food safety and clinical diagnosis. Special attention will focus on discussing the efforts now underway to improve electrochemical biosensors performance. Main objectives as to achieve multiparametric analysis, thus allowing a more reliable identification/diagnosis, and to construct integrated systems, meeting the requirements of routine determinations and POC testing (POCT) will be didactically described. Special attention will be paid to different amplification strategies involving a rational design/use of nanomaterials and chemistries. Apart from highlighting particularly challenging successfully addressed applications , some of them in a pioneering way using electrochemical biosensors, such as the accurate determination of extracellular receptors in whole cells and multilevel biomarkers directly in very complex samples including raw food extracts, mitochondrial animal meet lysates and paraffin-embedded tissues, recent advances and opportunities offered by these biosensors for multiplexing even at different molecular levels will be addressed. Remaining challenges to bring them to the marker and future perspectives will be also covered.