Assoc Prof Dr Cari Sänger – van de Griend received her MSc form Leiden University, the Netherlands. She did her PhD (DPharm) and habilitation at Uppsala University, Sweden, while working in industry (Astra Pain Control, AstraZeneca, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Healthcare Products). In 2011, Cari founded Kantisto BV, a consultancy in analytical pharmaceutical chemistry.

Dr Sänger – van de Griend is Associate Professor at Uppsala University supervising her own PhD students and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Tasmania. She is President of the Section Analytical Chemistry of the Netherlands Royal Society of Chemistry, Director and Board Member of CASSS and member of the organizing committee for EuroAnalysis 2021.

Cari’s research interests include pharmaceutical analysis encompassing areas such as NCEs, protein therapeutics, vaccines, biomolecular interactions, in-vivo in-vitro correlations, in-process control and implementing new technologies in industry, especially capillary electrophoresis, with a focus on the tiny details that matter. Implementation covers many aspects including good working practices, Quality by Design and analytical method life cycle management.

Cari won the prestigious CEPharm Award 2015 for sustained and significant contribution to the practical application of Capillary Electrophoresis to the analysis of biotechnology and pharmaceutical products for advocating tirelessly for scientifically sound CE method development, for enabling acceptance of CE in the pharmaceutical industry and for providing essential input to the community by teaching and otherwise sharing knowledge.