Dr. Franka Kalman received her MSc in (bio)chemical engineering from the Technical University Budapest, Hungary.  She did her PhD at the Biotechnikum of the Martin Luther University Halle, Germany and her 3 years Postdoc at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA under the guidance of Professor Csaba Horvàth.

She is an analytical chemist with 14 years’ experience in pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical industry (Ciba Geigy, Novartis, Solvias, Merck-Serono). Her working domain is method development / validation / batch release using instrumental analytical methods as (U)-HPLC, CE, MS mainly for (bio)therapeutics under the GMP quality management system. Since 9 years, she is Professor for analytical chemistry @ University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Institute of Life Sciences, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Sion, CH where she is performing research and teaching (instrumental analytical chemistry / validation / separation sciences / quality management / endotoxin analysis).

Franka Kaman won 2012 the prestigious CEPharm Award for her significant contributions to the practical application of Capillary Electrophoresis in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.