María Pedrero received her PhD in Chemical Sciences (Analytical Chemistry) in 1993 from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). Since 1991, she has been working in the Analytical Chemistry Department of the Chemistry Faculty of this University, where she is Professor of Analytical Chemistry since 2002. She collaborates in the “Electroanalysis and Electrochemical (Bio)sensors” (GEBE) research group. One-year stay (1994) at the New Mexico State University for her postdoctoral training with Prof. Joseph Wang. Her areas of interest include the development of enzymatic, immuno and DNA electrochemical sensors, at present for the detection of proteins as markers of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, bioelectrocatalysis, and electrode modification. Co-author of more than eighty papers in indexed journals, and of eight book chapters and several proceedings on Analytical Electrochemistry, Sensors and Biosensors in Analytical Chemistry. Participation as Coordinator in five funded Research Projects, one of them European, and as researcher in another 27.