Duygu Ozel Demiralp Seçil Karahisar Turan

Proteomics Workshop                                 

  • Proteomics and Currently Used Proteomic Strategies
  • Protein isolation techniques from different tissues
  • Protein precipitation with TCA from liquid samples
  • Protein precipitation with methanol from liquid samples
  • Protein condensation
  • Freeze-drying method
  • Protein quantitation methods
  • Electrophoresis techniques (1D SDS-PAGE, 2D-PAGE)
  • Protein gel staining and imaging
  • Comparative analysis of two dimensional gels
  • In gel digestion of protein spots
  • Sample preparation for mass spectrometry
  • Protein identification and bioinformatic analysis of mass spectrometry based data
  • Western Blot method
  • Gel filtration chromatography method