Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D
Short Course-Saturday, August 31st
  Introduction to chemometrics

New trends in biosensors, bioanalysis, biofuelcells-biosupercapacitors

Ion-mobility mass spectrometry and applications Metabolomics for beginners
09:00-13:00 Roma Tauler Susana Campuzano Ruiz
María Pedrero
José Manuel Pingarrón
Gustavo Rivas
Christian Rolando
Mehmet Atakay
Coral Barbas
Emirhan Nemutlu
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-17:00 Federico Marini Giovanna Marrazza
Raluca-Ioana van Staden
Sergey Shleev
Capillary electrophoresis in biotech and Pharmaceutical industries Proteomics for beginners
Franka Kalman
Cari Sänger
Duygu Ozel Demiralp
Secil Turan
Short Course-Sunday, September 1st
  Challenges in analytical development for pharmaceutical industry Enantioseparations Sample preparations and solid phase microextraction
GE Protein purification: How to determine the best strategy for your protein purification process
09:00-14:00 Vladimir Ioffe (09:00-16:00) Wolfgang Lindner
Bezhan Chankvetadze
Janusz Pawliszyn
Ezel Boyaci
Alper Uras
Sunday, September 1st
14:00-19:00 Registration
17:00-17.15 Opening Ceremony
17:15-19:00 PL-1
Luisa Torsi
Robert Kellner Award 2019 (Sponsored by Springer)
Osman Yavuz Ataman
A short history of analytical chemistry in Turkey
19:00-19:30 GE HEALTHCARE
Fredrik Sundberg
Novel analytical approaches which has been changing the way of working in research and industry

Welcome Reception &”ADA” Ankara University Dance Research Student Culture and Art Association
(Venue: Best Western Plus The President Hotel)

Monday, September 2nd
08:30-09:10 PL-3
Resat Apak
09:10-09:50 PL-4
Elena Ibanez Ezequiel
09:50-10:20 Coffee Break- Poster Session 1
  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
  Separation Science-1 Sensors-1 Education 
(Chair: Martin Vogel)
Chemical Analysis
10:20-10:50 KNL-1
Emmanuelle Lipka
Gustavo Rivas
Michael Maiwald
Simona Pichini
10:50-11:05  OP-98 OP-192 KNL-5
Charlotta Turner
11:05-11:20 OP-282 OP-154 OP-350
11:20-11:35 OP-41 OP-665 OP-196 OP-318
11:35-12:05 Poster Session 1
12:10-13:10 Lunch and Vendor Seminars
Emeric Gueneau
To affinity and beyond : Biomolecular interaction analysis using Surface Plasmon Resonance
ACS and Methodsnow
Chemical Abstracts Service collective data to find the best analytical method
13:10-13:50 PL-5 
Christopher M.A. Brett
13:50-14:30 PL-6 
Anthony P.F. Turner
  Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8
Heyrovsky Special Session
(Chair: Jiří Barek)
(Chair: Roma Tauler)
Atomic Spectroscopy
14:30-15:00 KNL-6
Alejandro Cifuentes
Jiří Barek
Roma Tauler
María Montes Bayón
15:00-15:15 OP-313 KNL-10
Ana Maria Oliveira-Brett
Federico Marini
15:15-15:30 OP-339 OP-288
15:30-15:45 OP-380 KNL-12
Alain Walcarius
OP-188 OP-376
15:45-16:00 OP-415 OP-424 OP-140
16:00-16:45 Coffee Break – Pitches – Poster Session 1
  Session 9 Session 10 Session 11 Session 12
  Mass Spectrometry Bioelectrochemistry Capillary Electrophoresis Sample Preparation & Green Analytical
16:45-17:15 KNL-13
Christian Rolando
Elena Ferapontova
Salvatore Fanali
Gongke Li
17:15-17:30 OP-163 OP-19 OP-691 IOP-393
17:30-17:45 OP-230 OP-150 OP-535 OP-502
17:45-18:00 OP-696 OP-603 OP-478 OP-34
19:00-20:00 Social Programme:
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, İstanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble, MEHTER(Ottoman Military Band)
ADA” Ankara University Dance Research Student Culture and Art Association
(Venue: Prof. Dr. Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall(Science Faculty)
Tuesday, September 3th
08:30-09:10 PL-7
Coral Barbas
09:10-09:50 PL-8
David Alsteens
Heinrich Emanuel Merck Award 2019
(Chair: Renato Zenobi)
09:50-10:20 Coffee Break – Poster Session 2
  Session 13 Session 14 Session 15 Session 16
  Separation Science-2 Biosensors-1 Imaging Bioanalysis-1
10:20-10:50 KNL-17
Jacques Crommen
K. Arzum Erdem Gursan
Yi Chen
Jonas Bergquist
10:50-11:05 OP-465 KNL-21
José Manuel Pingarrón
Tony D. James
11:05-11:20 OP-322 OP-284
11:20-11:35 OP-329 OP-184 OP-466 OP-637
11:35-11:50 OP-352 OP-157 OP-262 OP-365
11:50-12:20 Poster Session 2
  Lunch and Vendor Seminars
12:25-13:25 Vladimir Ioffe
Gradient elution troubleshooting
13:25-14:05 PL-9
Janusz Pawliszyn
14:05-14:45 PL-10
Arben Merkoci
  Session 17 Session 18 Session 19 Session 20
  Separation Science-3 Biosensors-2 Microfluidics Bioanalysis-2
14:45-15:15 KNL-23
Yvan van der Heyden
Anastasios Economou
Gert Desmet
Ruin Moaddel
15:15-15:30 OP-669 KNL-27
Almira Ramanaviciene
IOP-042 OP-515
15:30-15:45 OP-64 OP-448 OP-411
15:45-16:00 OP-18 OP-446 OP-359 OP-568
16:00-16:15 OP-88 OP-332 OP-659 OP-170
16:15-17:00 Coffee Break- Pitches- Poster Session 2
  Session 21 Session 22 Session 23 Session 24
  Molecular Spectroscopy DCE Meeting: Environmental Analysis
(Chair: Camelia Draghici)

COST-Action, European network for the promotion of portable, affordable and simple analytical platforms: Sample Treatment and Microfluidics
(Chair: Elia Psillakis)

Elia Psillakis(263)
Steven Mascrez(303)
Marcela A. Segundo(346)
Marilia Barreiras Santos(167)
Eva Baldrich(364)
Nikola Sakač(353)
Francisco Pena Pereira(559)
Hasan Kurt(281)

17:00-17:30 KNL-28
Ugur Tamer
Ester Heath
Ali A. Ensafi
17:30-17:45 OP-32 OP-37 OP-291
17:45-18:00 OP-209 OP-44 OP-686
18:00-18:15 OP-402 OP-100 OP-13
18:15-18:30 OP-183 OP-678 OP-687
19:30 Social Programme:
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, İstanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble, Whirling Dervishes 
(Venue: Prof. Dr. Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall(Science Faculty))
Wednesday, September 4th
  Editorial Session:
ELSEVIER Biosensors and bioelectronics
(Chairs: A.F.P. Turner & A. Merkoçi)
09:00-09:30 Editor Anthony F.P. Turner "Glucose sensors for the management of diabetes"
09:30-10:00 Editor Arben Merkoci "Paper-based nanobiosensors"
10:00-10:30 Editor Loïc Blum "A versatile multielectrode platform for drug discovery and enzyme screening"
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session 3
11.00-11:30 Editor Aldo Roda "Smartphone-based biosensors: Present status and perspectives"
11.30-12:00 Editor Homola Jiří  "Plasmonic biosensors: present and future"
12:00-12:30 Editor Anthony F.P. Turner  "Biosensors & Bioelectronics journal aims, recommendations and statistics"
12:30-12:45 Symposium Photo
12:45-13:30 Lunch and Vendor Seminars
  WATERS Company B
13:30-14:10 PL-11
František Švec
14:10-14:50 PL-12
Karen Faulds
  Session 25 Session 26 Session 27 Session 28
  Pharmaceutical Analysis Sample Preparation & Green
Analytical Chemistry-2
Sensors-2 Separation Science-4
14:50-15:20 KNL-31
Jun Haginaka
Valérie Pichon
Sergey Shleev
Kelly Zhang
15:20-15:35 OP-374 OP-166 OP-363 KNL-35
Zhengjin Jiang
15:35-15:50 OP-418 OP-212 OP-165
15:50-16:05 OP-618 OP-238 OP-245 OP-493
16:05-16:20 OP-525 OP-243 OP-354 OP-538
16:20-17:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session 3
  Session 29 Session 30 Session 31 Session 32
  Food and Natural
Material Sciences Biomarkers Environmental Analysis
17:00-17:15 KNL-36
Leticia Mora
Andre Skirtach
Susana Campuzano Ruiz
17:15-17:30 OP-164
17:30-17:45  IOP-472 OP-50 IOP-84 OP-232
17:45-18:00 OP-514 OP-83 OP-463 OP-468
18:00-18:15 OP-169 OP-314 OP-287 OP-335
18:15-18:30 OP-97 OP-563 OP-510 OP-46
Thursday, September 5th
08:30-09:10 PL-13
Bezhan Chankvetadze
09:10-09:50 PL-14
Anna Laura Capriotti
EuChemS Lecture Award
09:50-10:15 Coffee Break
  Young Scientist
Presentation I
Seperation Science
(Sponsored by Elsevier)
Young Scientist
Oral Presentation II

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Analysis
(Sponsored by Elsevier)
Young Scientist
Oral Presentation III

Material Science & Surface Technology
(Sponsored by Elsevier)
Young Scientist Oral Presentation Session 4
Biosensor & Biomedical Analysis
(Sponsored by Amgen)
Young Scientist Oral Presentation Session 5
Food & Environmental Analysis
(Sponsored by Amgen)
10:15-10:25 OP-79 OP-180 OP-29 OP-53 OP-94
10:25-10:35 OP-109 OP-241 OP-102 OP-69 OP-126
10:35-10:45 OP-110 OP-246 OP-189 OP-76 OP-146
10:45-10:55 OP-138 OP-274 OP-215 OP-80 OP-193
10:55-11:05 OP-152 OP-316 OP-233 OP-173 OP-221
11:05-11:15 OP-276   OP-252 OP-229 OP-312
11:15-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-11:40 OP-279 OP-327 OP-290 OP-251 OP-392
11:40-11:50 OP-306 OP-342 OP-311 OP-257 OP-398
11:50-12:00 OP-366 OP-394 OP-317 OP-349 OP-423
12:00-12:10 OP-386 OP-476 OP-319 OP-356 OP-520
12:10-12:20 OP-541 OP-526 OP-661 OP-447 OP-522
12:20-12:30 OP-566 OP-544 OP-546 OP-564 OP-119
12:30-13:45 Lunch
13:45-14:25 PL-15
Freddy Adams
DAC-EuChemS Award
(Sponsored by SPRINGER)
14:25-15:05 Award and closing ceremony