Associate Director and Scientific Expert, Analytical Development, Global R&D, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. (Israel)

  • Sc. (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), 1977, Moscow Academy of Fine Chemical Technology. Thesis: Research of porphyrin complexes with transition metals as catalysts of NAD-H autooxidation in a model of bypassing the respiratory chain.
  • D. (Organic Chemistry), 1984, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of USSR, Moscow. Thesis: Investigation of mechanism of one-electron oxidation of aliphatic amines.

More than 25 years of experience in generic and innovative pharmaceutical industry dealing mainly with analytical support (development and troubleshooting) for development of drug substances (API) and drug products (formulated drugs).

Present occupation: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. (Netanya, Israel), Associate Director, Scientific Expert in Analytical Development of Global R&D Division.

Main experience – development and applications of analytical and bioanalytical methods for innovative (earlier – generic) drug substances and products (main techniques – HPLC / UHPLC with diversity of detection techniques; SEC/GPC, LC-MS (and LC-MS/MS), TLC

/ HPTLC, GC, thermal analysis, titrimetry, spectral analysis, “wet chemistry” analysis, etc.); management of professional team; management of analytical projects; involvement in project management and outsourcing; issuing of analytical and supporting documentation (methods, protocols, validations, SOP’s, guidelines, development and investigation reports, etc.), managing and coordinating outsourcing of analytical and bioanalytical activities; inspection of analytical and bioanalytical facilities of CRO’s worldwide.

Principal fields of interest:

  • Innovative development of HPLC methods
  • Upgrade of analytical HPLC procedures to bioanalytical
  • RP HPLC of polar lipids and lipophilic chelators
  • HPLC of new biologically active small molecules
  • Enantioselective chromatography
  • Combination of various detection techniques within one HPLC method
  • Simultaneous development of auxiliary to HPLC analytical methods (planar chromatography, spectral and thermal methods, mass-spectrometry, )


  • More than 50 scientific papers and patents in various fields of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and biotechnology and about 30 posters and oral presentations at international

Chairman of the 30th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (PBA-2019) in September 15 – 18, 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel