Transport to/from Taksim (Beyoğlu)

Taksim is the most famous district in Istanbul. In order to reach Istanbul University or your hotel, the easiest way is to come to Taksim first because there are many ways to get there. The airport is approximately 40 km from Taksim. Once you reach Taksim, you can easily go anywhere.


The new airport taxis consist of vehicles in different segments. In addition to standard yellow taxis, turquoise taxis and black luxury taxis also serve. The tariffs for standard yellow taxis are different from those of turquoise and black taxis. Yellow taxis carry passengers at normal taxi fare in Istanbul. Turquoise taxis are more comfortable than yellow taxis and the fare is 15% more expensive. Black luxury taxis are two times more expensive than yellow taxis.

Airport taxi fare varies by distance and is determined by taximeter. For example, taxi ride (yellow taxi) from Istanbul Airport to Taksim costs approximately 145 TL.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that this price is NOT a fixed price and will increase in the case of traffic jam. If you want to take a taxi, just walk to the official taxi stands located just outside the terminal.

Havaist Airport Shuttle

Havaist is a new airport shuttle that operates several bus lines for 24 hours between the new Istanbul Airport and popular spots all over Istanbul. To reach Taksim from the airport with Havaist, take the IST 19 line: New Istanbul Airport – Beşiktaş – Taksim (which also stops at Zincirlikuyu and 4. Levent Metro). Currently, the fare for the bus lines is 18 TL per person, one way, luggage included. Trip takes an average 90 minutes, though it will be longer during rush hour. You can find the timetables and more details on the official Havaist website. (

Transport to Istanbul University from Taksim Area


M2 line directly connects the campus to the city center (Taksim). The closest Metro Station to the Congress venue is “Vezneciler”. For more information, please check Istanbul Railway Network Map and Istanbul Card Website (Istanbul card* is necessary to take metro, bus, tram or ferry). Vezneciler Metro Station is a 5-minute walk from Istanbul University. (


Taxi fares in Istanbul are reasonable and proportionate. Taksim is 7 km away from Istanbul University and taxi fare is approximately 25 TL. 

*Istanbul Card

The public transportation in Istanbul is an integrated system administrated by the local government. The system can only be accessed by using an electronic card. Having this card will give you an access to all public transport means in Istanbul, except private ones.

Istanbul card comes with no credit; therefore, you first need to credit money to the card in order to use it. Crediting the card is quite simple: Just place the card in the right place on the yellow machines like the one where you purchased the card, wait for the card to be scanned and deposit cash to load your Istanbul card. Please note that coins are not accepted by the machines and the machine will not refund any money. For that reason, get as much credit as you need on your travels.
Once the card is loaded, you will be able to ride with discount. At stations or in the busses where the Istanbul card is accepted, there are card readers; just bring your card close once for each passenger you want to pay for.
The card is not personal and can be used by multiple individuals. Transportation for children under the age of 6 is free.

Istanbul card can be bought at the airport or at some bus stops.