CNRS & Lorraine University, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Microbiology for Materials and the Environment (LCPME), Nancy, France

Talk Title: Vertically aligned nanoporous silica films: a new class of materials for electrochemical sensing

Alain Walcarius received his PhD degree in 1994 from the University of Namur, Belgium. After a postdoctoral stay in the Joe Wang group in New Mexico State University (USA) and a second one in the Jacques Bessière team at Université Henri Poincaré Nancy I (France), he joined the CNRS in 1996 as a Research Associate. He is currently Senior Researcher at CNRS and Director of the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Microbiology for the Materials and the Environment (Nancy, France) where his analytical and electroanalytical chemistry group works in the area of chemical reactions at solid/liquid interfaces. One can situate his main research interests at the intersection between electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, and materials science, with special focus to sol-gel and mesoporous materials as electrode modifiers. Alain Walcarius is co-author of about 250 scientific publications and he gave ca. 80 invited lectures. He is member of the Editorial board of Electroanalysis, and Fellow of the International Society of Electrochemistry.

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