Nanotechnas – Center of Nanotechnology and Materials Science, Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania

Talk Title: Some aspects in the development of immunosensors

Almira Ramanaviciene  is a professor of Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences and  head of Nanotechnas – Center of Nanotechnology and Materials Science at Vilnius University. She received her PhD degree in biomedicine in 2002 from the Institute of Immunology of Vilnius University. In 2008 she completed habilitation procedure in Physical Sciences at Vilnius University. During 16 years of research experience she gathered deep knowledge in biosensors and immunosensor development using electrochemical, optical and acoustic wave signal transducers. She has comprehensive experience in the synthesis of metallic and polymeric nanoparticles and surface modification with different nanostructures, in the site-directed antibody immobilization using different methods. She is the co-author of more than 150 peer-reviewed research papers and reviews (h-index 32).