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Monday, September 2nd Poster pitches
PP AbsRef Group Presenter Title
PP 1-001 450 Surface Science Selva Bilge Gallic acid and ammonium fluoride functionalized TiO2 nanoparticles
PP 1-002 297 Analytical Methods for Cultural Heritage and Art Monika Cechova The application of LDI-MS and XPS techniques for the study of archaeological findings
PP 1-003 631 Analytical Methods for Cultural Heritage and Art Nkositetile Raphael Biata Recovery of gold and iridium using magnetic layered double hydroxide (Fe3O4/Mg-Al-LDH) nanocomposite prior their inductively coupled plasma spectrometric (ICP-OES) determination: Equilibrium studies and application to environmental samples
PP 1-004 537 Nano Analysis Fatma Mamatioğlu Determination of ammonium dinitramide ın explosive mixture with gold nanoparticle-based colorimetric sensor
PP 1-005 452 Nano Analysis Sariye Irem Kaya Highly sensitive carbon-based nanohybrid sensor platform for determination of 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor agonist (Eletriptan)
PP 1-006 191 Pesticide-Residue Analysis Anna Ivanova Determination of pyrethroids in impregnated fabric
PP 1-007 483 Pesticide-Residue Analysis Gülce Zorlu Application of a validated LC-MS/MS method for detection and quantification of 511 pesticides in fruit & vegetables
PP 1-008 93 Clinical Chemistry Cristina Stefanov Electrochemical determination of monobenzyl-phthalate in biological samples
PP 1-009 101 Clinical Chemistry Jeongwoo Kang Rapid detection of β-lactam antimicrobial resistance in patient’s body by spectrometry
PP 1-010 228 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Abuzar Kabir Capsule phase microextraction: A field deployable complete sample preparation solution for modern high throughput analytical laboratories
PP 1-011 216 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Amina Benaissa Environmental risk assessment of dental amalgam
PP 1-012


Biomolecular Analysis

Damaris Cristina Gheorghe  

Fast screening of bladder cancer biomarkers using stochastic sensors  

PP 1-013 242 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Ibtissem Bouras Assessments of industrial and environmental risks by the sensors of gas
PP 1-014 320 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Malika Khelfaoui Fate and impacts of heavy metals pollution near the abandoned Sidi Kamber Zn/Pb mine, north-east ALGERIA
PP 1-015 244 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Marine Boudias Potential of ion-imprinted polymers for studying migration of radioactive contaminants (226Ra, 137Cs) in environment
PP 1-017 457 Food Analysis Tetiana Hubetska Optimization of QuEChERS procedure by hydrophobic magnetic nanocomposites for residual OCPs determination coupled with GC-MS
PP 1-019 135 Green Analytical Chemistry Berka Baya Zougali Comparison of the chemical composition and biological activities of essential oils obtained by classical steam distillation and instant controlled pressure drop and ultrasound assisted extraction from myrtle leaves growing spontaneously in algeria
PP 1-020 407 Green Analytical Chemistry Boutheyna Aoufi Performance of nanofiltration in lanthanum extraction process optimization
PP 1-021 68 Green Analytical Chemistry Farid Benkaci Ali Head space solide phase micro-extraction GC-MS of volatiles of honeys from different regions, bio-indicators of air and soil pollution
PP 1-022 139 Green Analytical Chemistry Hassani Aicha Ali Bey Phytochemical study, estimation of both flavonoids and hydrolysable tannins contents and determination of the lethal dose 50 “ld50” of cistus monspeliensis
PP 1-023 591 Green Analytical Chemistry Rahmouna Semmoud An efficient cloud point extraction using an ionic liquid as extractant: separation of the Blue Bemacid dye from aqueous solution in saline medium and optimization through factorial design methodology
PP 1-024 485 Green Analytical Chemistry Yasmine Benmansour "Uranyl (II) removal by lewatit TP 214 resin"
PP 1-025 219 Materials Science Benyahia Azzedine The effect of the alkaline treatment time on the mechanical properties of a composite material based on an inorganic matrix reinforced with vegetal fibers
PP 1-026 225 Materials Science Sardi Amina DLS study of a pickering miniemulsion using algerian montmorillonite
PP 1-027 222 Materials Science Deghfel Nadir Removal capacity and adsorption mechanism of a clay, bentonite and pomegranate bark for a textile dye
PP 1-028 644 Materials Science Derya Kiliç 2-Froyl thiourea modified layered double hydroxides for eco-friendly, effective and efficient removal of cadmium ions from aqueous envrionment
PP 1-029 645 Materials Science Derya Kiliç Synthesis, characterization and application benzoyl thiourea modified layered double hydroxides for removal of cadmium ıons from aqueous envrionment
PP 1-030 128 Materials Science Farida Kellou Kerkouche Corrosion inhibition effect of phenanthroline on cast iron in HCl solution
PP 1-031 638 Materials Science Haissi Sofiane The thermal and mechanical properties of tiane in some medical preparation
PP 1-032 633 Materials Science Hatice Caglar Yılmaz Preparation and characterization of Co doped TiO2 for efficient photocatalytic degradation of Ibuprofen
PP 1-033 253 Materials Science Noura Naili Electronic structure and energy decomposition of platinum mononuclear materials coordinated with CN-tBu ligand
PP 1-034 12 Materials Science Zahira Mohamed Seghir Isomerization of n-butane on promoted tungstated zicronia
PP 1-037 475 Chemical Analysis Reyhaneh Mohammadzadeh Barazandeh The ınfluence of sodium lignosulphonate (SLS), a green dispersant on the color ıntensity of carbon black (CB) used in cosmetics
PP 1-038 528 Chemical Analysis Seda Uzunboy Determination of oxidative DNA damage generated by different fenton systems and ınvestigation of protective effects of selected antioxidants
PP 1-039 247 Chemical Analysis Vasiliy Vadimovich Tatarinov Comparison of 2D and 3D Monte Carlo models to construct the x-ray distribution function in the sample
PP 1-040 547 Chemical Analysis Zainab Majid Salim Al Lami Determination of possible oxidative effects of biologically important iron compounds
Monday, September 2nd Poster presentation
P AbsRef Group Presenter Title
P 1-041 35 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Abdul Hadi Bu Olayan Mercury concentrations in incenses: A potential bioindicator to human health
P 1-042 39 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Habiba Haddad Hydrochemical characteristics and application of PCA to waters of the bouira watershed (North of Algeria)
P 1-043 85 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Raluca Ioana Stefan Van Staden Fast screening test for the assay of antibiotics in water
P 1-044 100 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Saima Memon Design of experiment for removal optimization of phenol, 2-chlorophenol and 2, 4-dichlorophenol using a newly synthesized schiff’s base polymer
P 1-045 117 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Francisco Pena Pereira Paper-based analytical device for non-instrumental detection of volatiles: Application to arsenic speciation in waters
P 1-046 177 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Pablo Valiente Gonzalez Using the Rasch model to estimate atmospheric pollution in different locations in Extremadura (Spain)
P 1-047 182 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Ouardia Yahiaoui Treatment of water contaminated by metribuzin by coupling the electrocoagulation to advanced ultraviolet oxidation process
P 1-048 205 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Daniel Arismendi Multiclass determination of emerging contaminants by rotating-disk sorptive extraction (RDSE) and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
P 1-049 213 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Hector Goicoechea Chemometric applications to study the occurrence, ecological risk and bioaccumulation of emerging contaminants in Argentina
P 1-050 259 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Victor Chubarov X-ray fluorescence analysis of peat sediments for paleoecological investigations
P 1-051 260 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Victor Chubarov X-ray fluorescence determination of ore elements in ferromanganese nodules
P 1-052 268 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Farid Metref Efficient facilitated transport of lead and cadmium across a plasticized cellulose triacetate and polymer membranes mediated by crown-ethers
P 1-053 277 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Cristiana Radulescu Indoor/outdoor particulate matter concentration and their relationship to meteorological conditions in rehabilitated historical monuments
P 1-054 331 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Eduardo Méndez Electrochemical and infrared analyses of lead in paints: a high impact control in homes
P 1-055 336 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Ferdi Ozan The effect of organic carbon existence on As, Mo and Se distribution between sediment and water phases
P 1-056 357 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Chellal Khalida Phenol oxidation over iron pillared clays
P 1-057 375 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Ounissa Senhadji Kebiche Micro-channel cell for the selective extraction and analysis of ionic metals using plasticized polymeric membranes
P 1-058 431 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Clarisse Vasconcellos Serra Human exposure to mercury in the Amazon, Brazil: Cross-sectional environmental health study
P 1-059 508 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Carmen Quintana Stout fluorescence enhancement of fungicide thiabendazole by ınteraction with transition metal dichalcogenides nanosheets: from ın silico experiments to highly specific sensing
P 1-060 523 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Alessandra Cincinelli Determination of legacy and emerging organic contaminants in top predators and their prey to improve chemical management
P 1-061 643 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Fatma Hassaine Sadi Facilitated transport of toxic metals by membranaire process liquid membrane non supported containing different carriers
P 1-062 653 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Emma Brennan Preconcentration and determination of diclofenac in aqueous samples with molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction
P 1-063 655 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Ivana H. Šrámková 3D-printed stirring cage for semi-dispersive fiber sorbent extraction of bisphenols
P 1-064 660 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Burkhard Horstkotte Lab-In-Syringe automation of flow-through dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction integrating dispersive backextraction and simplified multivariante spectrum analysis with background modeling for the determination of nitrophenols in environmental wa
P 1-065 674 Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Ander Chapartegui Arias Covalently fluorophore functionalized ZIF-8 colloidal particles as a sensing platform for endocrine disrupting chemicals such as phthalates plasticizers
P 1-066 71 Food Analysis Teresa Galeano Díaz Usefulness of total fluorescence signal combined with PARAFAC to evaluate hydrophylic antioxidants in tomato paste
P 1-067 107 Food Analysis Pavel Jáč Development of micellar electrokinetic chromatography-mass spectrometry method for the determination of sudan dyes in chilli products
P 1-068 129 Food Analysis Aida Zuberovic Muratovic A single laboratory validation of a multimethod for analysis of paralytic and tetrodotoxin shellfish poisoning toxins (PSP and TSP) in bivalve molluscs using ultra high-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
P 1-069 131 Food Analysis Işıl Gazioğlu Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in nutritional supplements containing omega-3 fish oil using solid phase extraction and high pressure liquid chromatography method
P 1-070 171 Food Analysis Ismail Emir Akyıldız Breakthrough determination and quantification of wax-moth and bee repellents using GC-MS
P 1-071 176 Food Analysis Catalina Negut Fluorimetric determination of β-carotene in food samples using a fluorescence dye
P 1-072 211 Food Analysis Viacheslav I Vershinin Determination of phenolic antioxidants sum content in the foodstuff with improved FRAP assay
P 1-073 308 Food Analysis Michaela Zeiner Influence of salinity on biometal content in collard greens
P 1-074 309 Food Analysis Hanneli Du Plessis A simple extraction method for arsenic from tuna fish using a choline chloride-malonic acid deep eutectic solvent for determination of total arsenic
P 1-075 326 Food Analysis José António Maia Rodrigues A GDME-HPLC-UV/MS evaluation of the SO2 influence on the carbonyl compounds content of wines
P 1-076 360 Food Analysis Ilyoung Ahn Determination of florfenicol residues of fishery products in South Korea regional markets using UPLC-MS/MS
P 1-077 385 Food Analysis Veronika Georgieva Ivanova Quantification of total mercury in biota samples: Comparison of different analytical techniques
P 1-078 395 Food Analysis Marcello Locatelli Thallium, a polluting metal of new generation: Its voltammetric determination in herbal medicines
P 1-079 404 Food Analysis Selen Durmazel Silver mirror reaction-assisted nanocolorimetric assay for measuring reducing sugars in food extracts
P 1-080 427 Food Analysis Antonio Ruiz Medina Novel luminescent methods based on terbium-nanoparticles systems: selective determination of L-cysteine
P 1-081 496 Food Analysis Cristian Eduardo Rogel Castillo Chemical characterization of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa mill.) Shells for the ıdentification of active compounds with antioxidant activity
P 1-082 499 Food Analysis Gisela Rios Chemical characterization of honey (Apis mellifera l.) For the ıdentification of sugars by HPTLC
P 1-083 500 Food Analysis Beáta Bóka Development of a novel bioanalytical method for invertase activity measurement in honey samples
P 1-084 505 Food Analysis Beáta Bóka Extractability of Northern Hungarian Horsemint (Mentha longifolia (L.) L.) as a potential source of preservative antioxidants
P 1-085 509 Food Analysis Elena Casero Electrochemical sensor based on diamond nanoparticles and WS2 for simultaneous azo colorants determination
P 1-086 511 Food Analysis Birsen Öztürk Development of a new method for total anthocyanin of cerasus L. (Rosaceae) samples by fiber optic reflection spectroscopy
P 1-087 512 Food Analysis Maria Dolores Petit Domínguez Electrochemical and physical synthesis of copper nanoparticles. Application to the development of sulfite chemical sensor
P 1-088 527 Food Analysis Ziya Can Determination of scavenging activity of some thiol-type antioxidants for nitric oxide radical with the aid of modified gold nanoparticles
P 1-089 531 Food Analysis Kazhybek Ashimuly Determination of semi-volatile additives in wines by vacuum-assisted headspace solid-phase microextraction method
P 1-090 542 Food Analysis María Isabel Acedo Valenzuela Determination of biogenic amines and precursor amino acids in sparkling wines obtained from different yeasts and strains
P 1-091 666 Food Analysis Ece Kok Yetimoglu Determination of furosine concentrations at royal jelly samples using ıon exchange seperation coupled with UV detection
P 1-092 671 Food Analysis Saliha Esin Celik A novel screening method for argan oil authenticity: An on-line HPLC assay with post-column detection utilizing chemometric multi-data analysis
P 1-093 123 Forensic Science Aykut Kul Determination of pethidine of abuse and revalant metabolite norpethidine in urine by ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
P 1-094 124 Forensic Science Aykut Kul Determination of buprenorphine and norburenorphine in human urine by ultra-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry
P 1-095 453 Forensic Science Maria Kuhtinskaja Analysis of drug abuse in oral fluid using high performance liquid chromatography with native fluorescence detection
P 1-096 81 Analytical Methods for Cultural Heritage and Art Pisutti Dararutana Characterization on ancient Thai glass beads from Khlong Thom archaeological site
P 1-097 706 Biomedical Analysis Nefise Akçelik Application of bacteriocin nisin and certain disinfectant combinations to inhibit and eradication of enterococcus faecalis biofilms
P 1-098 709 Biomedical Analysis Nefise Akçelik Biofilm-related genes regulated By MarT in Salmonella Typhimurium
P 1-099 673 Food Analysis Mustafa Bener A simple determination of sulfite in food extracts using a solid sensor
P 1-100 305 Chemical Analysis Oana Elena Rachita Electrochemical study of piperine and comparison to reference antioxidants
P 1-101 293 Forensic Science Maria Kulp Rapid and sensitive capillary electrophoresis method for the analysis of ecstasy in an oral fluid
Tuesday, September 3rd Poster pitches
PP AbsRef Group Presenter Title
PP 2-001 75 Biomedical Analysis Ioana Popa Tudor Stochastic microsensors for the assay of IL-1β, IL-6, IL-12, and IL-17 from whole blood
PP 2-002 698 Biomedical Analysis Kyeung Ran Min Chromatographic determination of abnormal sphingolipids by fumonisin B1 in LLC-PK1 cells
PP 2-003 420 Biomedical Analysis Yang Ching Yuan Antibacterial study of Acinetobacter baumannii using blue light assisted graphene nanoparticles
PP 2-004 78 Biomolecular Analysis Alexandrina Lungu Moscalu Detection of sweeteners in biological fluids and food samples using stochastic sensors
PP 2-005 147 Biomolecular Analysis Hacene Meghezzi Theoretical study using the analysis of HOMO-LUMO energy gap, NBO method and QSAR methods for the drug design in the serie of pyrazolooxazine systems
PP 2-006 86 Biomolecular Analysis Zainelabdeen H Mohamed Probing the activity of sphingomyelinases by fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
PP 2-007 248 Biosensors Giulia Selvolini Aflatoxin B1 detection by means of an electrochemical enzyme-linked oligonucleotide array
PP 2-008 249 Biosensors Giulia Selvolini Neurotransmitters detection through a conducting polymer-metal nanoparticles nanocomposite platform
PP 2-009 449 Biosensors Inci Uludağ 3-cyanopropyltrimethoxysilane based electrochemical immunosensor system: Highly sensitive analysis of Parathyroid hormone
PP 2-010 130 Biosensors João Carlos Carlos De Souza A keratin-electrochemical biosensor for in situ evaluation of human keratin interaction with hair dye precursor p-toluenediamine
PP 2-011 337 Biosensors Mariagrazia Lettieri Colorimetric multienzymatic smart sensors for hydrogen peroxide, glucose and catechol screening analysis
P 2-012 151 Biosensors Muhammed Altun Preparation and electrochemical characterization of label-free CA125 biosensor on screen-printed electrode modified with nanoparticles and conducting polymers
PP 2-013 462 Biosensors Nur Tarımeri An ultrasensitive electrochemical immunosensor system based on Au-polythionin for early detection of heat shock protein 70
PP 2-014 416 Biosensors Selva Bilge A new sensor material from cigarette butt for the sensitive determination of antihypertensive drug trandolapril
PP 2-015 604 Biosensors Shengfeng Huang Novel poly adenine sequence as anti-fouling layer coupled with CD-20 epitope mimic peptide for rituximab detection in serum
PP 2-016 234 Biosensors Tatiana Svalova A voltammetric label-free immunosensor featuring anti-CEA antibody covalent immobilization via electrografted triazoldiazonium salt and EDC/NHS chemistry
PP 2-018 158 Biosensors Waheed Saban Synthesis of copper oxide impregnated in graphite as electrochemical sensor
PP 2-019 704 Biosensors Leyla Karadurmuş A novel electrochemical nanobiosensor based on NH2fMWCNTs modified glassy carbon electrode for detection of interaction between Gemcitabine and DNA
PP 2-020 258 Chemometrics Camila Yarizell Bastidas Study of the penetration and distributional homogeneity of florfenicol added by surface-coating to salmon feed with FTIR imaging, PLS-DA and macropixel analysis-homogeneity curves
PP 2-021 275 Chemometrics Ilja Burdman A D-optimal response surface model approach to identify best suitable digestion condition for active renin determination by LC-MS
PP 2-022 417 Chemometrics Mario Ignacio Sanhueza Confocal Laser-Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) as a novel tool for the analysis of solid pharmaceutical tablets with the presence of fluorescent compounds
PP 2-023 330 Chemometrics Mourad Kharbach  Phenolic fingerprinting using two platform techniques UPLC-DAD and UPLC-TOF/MS for geographic traceability of Moroccan Argan oils
PP 2-024 45 Metabolomics Atakan Arda Nalbant  Development of non-invasive and biocompatible thin film micro-extraction contact lens-type devices compatible for in vivo metabolomics investigations from eye surface
PP 2-025 534 Metabolomics Szymon Macioszek  Sample preparation method for metabolomic analysis of hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds in gastrointestinal stromal tumour
PP 2-026 207 Pharmaceutical Analysis Anastasia Ivanova Chugaev’s heritage: color reaction-based hand treatment proof system
PP 2-027 201 Pharmaceutical Analysis Anastasia Ivanova Simultaneous determination of cationic surfactants in disinfectants
PP 2-028 584 Pharmaceutical Analysis Aysun Geven  Development of a new method for quantitative determination of lesinurad with hplc in the presence of its degradation products
PP 2-029 414 Pharmaceutical Analysis Bilge Sürücü  Development of analytical method for sensitive determination of antibiotic residues in milk samples
PP 2-030 455 Pharmaceutical Analysis Bounoua Nadia  Effect of different concentration of heptakıs (2, 3, 6 trıs-O-methyl)-β-CD in the separation of some imidazoles
PP 2-031 649 Pharmaceutical Analysis Chelghoum Rachid Chabane Monitoring and validation of toltrazuril in oral solution by HPLC
PP 2-032 355 Pharmaceutical Analysis Demet Dincel A high performance liquid chromatography method for the determination of meropenem in serum
PP 2-033 517 Pharmaceutical Analysis Gökçe Öztürk Voltammetric analysis of guaifenesin with boron doped diamond electrode and its determination from pharmaceutical dosage form
PP 2-035 524 Pharmaceutical Analysis Sinem Demir Investigation of cefotaxime sodium and its metal complexes for controlled drug release
PP 2-036 634 Pharmaceutical Analysis Vazha Nebieridze Secondary metabolites of Tribulus terrestris growning in Georgia
PP 2-037 699 Pharmaceutical Analysis Min Kyeong Kim Chromatographic method and its validation of various tar colors in pharmaceuticals
PP 2-038 695 Pharmaceutical Analysis Göksu Özçelikay Voltammetric determination of anti-HIV drug rilpivirine using glassy carbon electrode modified with carbon quantum dots co-catalyzed with multiwalled carbon nanotubes and silver nanoparticles
PP 2-039 715 Pharmaceutical Analysis Fariba Mollarasouli Electrochemical behavior of zafirlukast and its determination in pharmaceutical formulations using sodium dodecylsulfate doped over-oxidized polypyrrole/amine- functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotube composite film
PP 2-041 162 Proteomics Tanja Gangnus A lean approach to examine surface adsorption of the low-abundant peptide bradykinin and to increase its signal intensity in LC-MS/MS: A design of experiments concept
PP 2-042 148 Proteomics Yuye Zhou An antibody-free method for osteopontin preconcentration combined with MALDI-TOF MS/MS analysis
Tuesday, September 3th Poster presentation
P AbsRef Group Presenter Title
P 2-043 26 Analytical Instrumentation Ulviya Abilova Concentration of palladium whish chelate sorbent on the basis of maleic anhydride styrene copolymer
P 2-044 89 Analytical Instrumentation Marcello Locatelli Comparison between exhaustive and equilibrium extraction: SPE and FPSE media
P 2-045 172 Analytical Instrumentation Po Ling Chang Immediate blood group typing by visualization of plasmonic nanoscattering via objective type dark field microscopy
P 2-046 295 Analytical Instrumentation Jan Hrbac Near-coulometric electrochemical detector with disposable pencil graphite electrode for FIA and HPLC
P 2-047 296 Analytical Instrumentation Burcu Kabak Removal of naproxen from water by using peanut husk as biochar adsorbents
P 2-048 298 Analytical Instrumentation Burcu Kabak Separation and preconcentration of Co(II) in drinking and waste water samples by amberlite CG-120 resin
P 2-049 302 Analytical Instrumentation Jan Hrbac Low-cost "green" sensors based on graphite nanomaterials prepares from pencil leads with the aid of a 3D positioning sparking device for the sensitive detection of nitroaromatic explosives
P 2-050 323 Analytical Instrumentation Lucia Mitašík Is 3D printing suitable tool for the facilitation of SPE-based extraction method?
P 2-051 433 Analytical Instrumentation Paola Donato Phenolic fingerprinting in pistachio nuts of different origins by LC×LC-PDA-MS
P 2-052 435 Analytical Instrumentation Domenica Mangraviti Characterization of oxygen heterocyclic compounds in cosmetics by applying linear retention indices in liquid chromatography
P 2-053 513 Analytical Instrumentation Büşra Bekar Yıldırmaz Detection of the interaction of new flavonoid quercetin derivative with dsDNA by spectrophotometric and electrochemical biosensors
P 2-054 572 Analytical Instrumentation Steven Mascrez Comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatography coupled with dual detection for MOSH&MOAH determination in food
P 2-055 632 Analytical Instrumentation Mandana Amiri Indirect determination of amikacin by following gold nanostructures voltammetric signal
P 2-056 374   Somandla Ncube Photocatalytic degradation of antiretrovirals in environmental water samples
P 2-057 90 Biomedical Analysis Marcello Locatelli Simultaneous quantification of Gemcitabine and Irinotecan hydrochloride in rat plasma alone and in association by HPLC-PDA
P 2-058 125 Biomedical Analysis Luisa Barreiros Evaluation of BIBP 3226 and neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor expression by HPLC-MS/MS
P 2-059 133 Biomedical Analysis Martin Bartosik Rapid electrochemical assay for detection of human papilloma virus in clinical samples
P 2-060 181 Biomedical Analysis Giuseppe Carlucci Correlation analysis based on the hydropathy properties of NSAIDs in SPE and RP-HPLC -DAD and their applications to biological samples
P 2-061 185 Biomedical Analysis Anna Jarek Nicotine ingestion among sportsmen in Poland. Method validation and statistics from last 6 years
P 2-062 187 Biomedical Analysis Miguel Del Nogal Sánchez Liquid-liquid extraction-programmed temperature vaporizer-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in saliva samples. Application to the occupational exposure of firefighters
P 2-063 195 Biomedical Analysis José Luis Pérez Pavón Microextraction by packed sorbents-programmed temperature vaporizer-gas chromatography-quadrupole mass spectrometry for the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in saliva samples
P 2-064 198 Biomedical Analysis Patricia Martín Santos Non-separative method based on a single quadrupole mass spectrometer for the determination of amino acids in saliva samples
P 2-065 199 Biomedical Analysis Pablo Richter Rotating disk sorptive extraction with integrated clean up for the determination of hormones in urine by UPLC-TOF/MS
P 2-066 208 Biomedical Analysis Encarnación Rodríguez-Gonzalo Determination of polar endogenous compounds in urine samples by means of a screening-confirmatory methodology based on mass spectrometry
P 2-067 220 Biomedical Analysis María Esther Fernández Laespada Determination of polyamines in urine samples by derivatization-PTV-GC-MS
P 2-068 285 Biomedical Analysis Agnieszka Urbaniak Detection of cannabinoids in urine using GC/MS/MS and GC/MS. Methods validation and statistics of cannabinoids use among Polish athletes
P 2-069 348 Biomedical Analysis Katarzyna Kowalczyk {In vitro} metabolism studies on four emerging selective androgen receptor modulators and implementation of the results into LC-MS/MS-based doping control analysis
P 2-070 445 Biomedical Analysis Mirza Bojić Inhibition of cytochrome P450 1A2 by flavonoid aglycones most commonly found in Croatian medicinal plants
P 2-071 461 Biomedical Analysis Amal Rebai Metabolic profiling of Tunisian patients with parkinson’s disease
P 2-072 490 Biomedical Analysis Sema Koyutürk Simultaneous determination of hydrochlorothiazide and certain angiotensin-II Receptor antagonists in rat plasma with CE-DAD method
P 2-073 595 Biomedical Analysis Daikh Badis Badis Analytic and therapeutic evaluation of platelet –rich plasma on skin wound healing process in sheep
P 2-074 602 Biomedical Analysis Ming Mu Hsieh Sensitive determination of fluoxetine and and norfluoxetine enantiomers in body fluids using ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with field-amplified sample stacking through capillary electrophoresis
P 2-075 679 Biomedical Analysis Mario Juan Simirgiotis Nutraceutical values and bioactive compounds in wild Chilean hops
P 2-076 703 Biomedical Analysis Mirza Bojic Biotransformation of tangeretin mediated by human liver cytochrome P450 enzymes
P 2-077 30 Biomolecular Analysis Senani Rachida phytochemical analysis and evaluation of antioxidant activity of Teucrium flavum extracts
P 2-078 38 Biomolecular Analysis Snezana Miljanic Binding of berberine and sanguinarine with G-quadruplex and duplex DNA revealed by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
P 2-079


Environmental Analysis and Monitoring  

Elia Psillakis  

Leaching of metals and nicotine from littered cigarettes and heated tobacco sticks in water: An overlooked issue?  

P 2-080 266 Biomolecular Analysis Zehra Cobandede A novel piezoelectric composite and its action on human osteoblast cells
P 2-081 267 Biomolecular Analysis Berfin Uzunkaya Investigation of endocytic pathway of gold nanoparticles in living cells using surface-enhanced Raman scattering
P 2-083 41   Sarra Bouhallel Studies on Algerian Pearl Millet Starch Extraction Methods
P 2-084 576 Biomolecular Analysis Kazhybek Ashimuly Analysis of biological volatile organic compounds of antagonistic bacteria’s against fire blight
P 2-085 73 Biosensors Livia Alexandra Gugoasa Myoglobin-reduced graphene oxide based stochastic microsensors for molecular recognition of LH and FSH from saliva samples
P 2-086 103 Biosensors Cihan Bostancı High sensitive whole cell microbial biosensor to determine lead in aqueous solutions
P 2-087 112 Biosensors Juan A Squella Electrocatalytic determination of NADH in nanostructured electrodes modified with MWCNT and Nitroaromatics
P 2-088 156 Biosensors Bohdan Josypcuk Flow enzymatic biosensors for electrochemical determination of catecholamines
P 2-089 236 Biosensors Alisa N. Kozitsina A platform for anti-CEA antibody covalent immobilization based on polyvinylbenzylazide film included with Cu particles
P 2-090 280 Biosensors Alisa N. Kozitsina Electrochemical enzymeless oxidation and detection of glucose with polydopamine/Ni(II)/Ru(III) complexes and Ag/Pd nanoparticles as electrocatalysts
P 2-091 338 Biosensors Yesim Tugce Yaman A single-used clay-protein composite nanoparticles modifed sensor system for electrochemical diagnosis of MCF-7 cell lines
P 2-092 410 Biosensors Suzan Yanik An electrochemical nanobiosensor for sensitive determination of drug effect on cancer-related DNA
P 2-093 439 Biosensors Cho Chun Hu Synthesis of bi-ligand gold nannoclusters as a sensitive pH sensor and a probe for urea
P 2-094 711 Biosensors Sibel A. Ozkan Assay of phenyramidol with solid-based electrode
P 2-095 473 Biosensors Saniye Söylemez Glucose oxidase immobilization on thiazolothiazole containing multichromic polymer matrice for glucose detection
P 2-096 486 Biosensors Hasret Subak A highly sensitive electrochemical nanobiosensor for the analysis of DNA sequences based on meldola’s blue and carbon nanotubes
P 2-097 516 Biosensors Burcin Bozal Palabiyik Study on electrochemical properties and DNA interaction of a novel schiff base
P 2-098 530 Biosensors Roxana Mihaela Apetrei Electrospun polyacrylonitrile-montmorillonite nanofibers in the design of first generation amperometric glucose biosensors
P 2-099 577 Biosensors Sallahuddin Panhwar Metal organic framework functionalized nanoparticles for electrochemical enumeration of bacteria
P 2-100 672 Biosensors Esin Akyüz Determining the prooxidant activity of food and biological samples using spectrophotometric gold nanocluster-based biosensor
P 2-101 688 Biosensors John R Cirrito Using micro-immunoelectrodes/amperometry to detect rapid changes in brain Aβ peptide levels in living mice
P 2-102 701 Biosensors Sevinc Kurbanoglu Enzyme-free H2O2 detection via glassy carbon electrode modified with CoFe2O4@CdSe magnetic nanocomposite and rifampicin nanoparticles
P 2-103 712 Biosensors Aysu Yarman Synthetic receptors for the recognition of the copper enzymes tyrosinase and laccase
P 2-104 460 Pharmaceutical Analysis Haidara Majid Development of a suitable LC-MS/MS quantification method as key element in intraoral ex-vivo permeation studies within pharmaceutical research
P 2-105 304 Proteomics Carmela Maria Montone Development of an analytical method for the metaproteomic investigation of bioaereosol deposited on quartz filters in different environmental sites
Wednesday, September 4th Poster presentation
P AbsRef Group Presenter Title
P 3-001 65 Pharmaceutical Analysis Nada Sayed Abdelwahab New ecological method for determination of different β-lactams: Application to real human plasma samples
P 3-002 66 Pharmaceutical Analysis Nehal Fayek Farid Development and validation of liquid chromatographic methods for the determination of cabergoline in presence of its degradation products: Investigation of drug degradation profile
P 3-003 74 Pharmaceutical Analysis Catalina Negut Electrochemical sensors for determination of L-tyrosine in pharmaceutical samples
P 3-004 498 Biomolecular Analysis Fulya Sahin Investigation of ATP Depletion in Living Cells using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
P 3-005 224 Pharmaceutical Analysis Günay Önal Electroanalytical investigation of antineoplastic drug vinorelbine at pencil graphite electrode in surfactant media
P 3-006 250 Pharmaceutical Analysis Mohammed Albratty Fourier transform-infra red (FT-IR) spectroscopy as a promising cost-effective technique to measure metal-protein interactions
P 3-007 310 Pharmaceutical Analysis Işıl Gazioğlu A simple HPLC method for quantification of everolimus from mice plasma and liver samples
P 3-008 324 Pharmaceutical Analysis Alejandro Alvarez Lueje Voltammetric determination of drugs using carbon electrodes modified with ionic liquid
P 3-009 343 Pharmaceutical Analysis Mohdelhasssan Ali Shayoub Detection of feng reek seeds extract using fingerprint (TLC UV Spectrophotometer)
P 3-010 413 Pharmaceutical Analysis Halil Ibrahim Ulusoy Development of analytical method for determination of parabens at trace levels in cosmetic samples
P 3-011 477 Pharmaceutical Analysis Selda Zengin Kurnalı RP-HPLC and RP-UPLC method development for simultaneous estimation of montelukast, levocetirizine dihydrochloride and desloratadine in pharmaceutical dosages form
P 3-012 479 Pharmaceutical Analysis Ipek Bedir Investigation of the effect of drug degradation on cellular mechanisms by SERS
P 3-013 491 Pharmaceutical Analysis Gizem Gulsoy Toplan Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of different extracts from Teucrium polium L
P 3-014 518 Pharmaceutical Analysis Kader Poturcu Development of liquid chromatographic optimization method for quantification of clotrimazole in a topical pharmaceutical cream formulation
P 3-015 521 Pharmaceutical Analysis Ebru Çubuk Demiralay Quantification of dofetilide in human urine by reversed phase liquid chromatography method
P 3-016 583 Pharmaceutical Analysis Bellifa Nazim HPLC analysis of anthraquinones of Rhamnus alaternus from Tessala
P 3-017 585 Pharmaceutical Analysis Özgür Devrim Can Development and validation of a sensitive hplc-ec method for quantification of catecholamines and its application on rat brain samples
P 3-018 586 Pharmaceutical Analysis Saniye Özcan Development of a new lc-dad method for quantitative determination of ivacaftor in the presence of its degradation products
P 3-019 639 Pharmaceutical Analysis Saadet Dermiş Analysis methods applied for drugs used in prostate diseases
P 3-020 626 Pharmaceutical Analysis Saadet Dermiş Quantitative determination of sumatriptan in tablets by derivative spectrophotometry
P 3-021 636 Pharmaceutical Analysis Djamila Zama Antiproliferative effect of Centaurea maroccana Ball. (Asteraceae) compounds
P 3-022 721 Pharmaceutical Analysis Ayca Urcuk The role of graphene oxide doped poly ß-cyclodextrin on electrochemical response of sulpiride as an antidepressant
P 3-023 652 Pharmaceutical Analysis Dragana Sicarov In vitro dissolution profile study of atomoxetine from hard gelatine capsules using HPLC method
P 3-024 714 Pharmaceutical Analysis Nurgul K Bakirhan Electrochemical behavior of a second generation H1-receptor antagonist: Benzimidazole difumarate
P 3-025 32 Analytical Instrumentation Oluwatosin Sarah Shokunbi Composting of dry bean (phaseolus vulgaris) husk: physico-chemical and spectroscopic characterisation
P 3-026 675 Pharmaceutical Analysis Iza Matarashvili Comparative study of cellulose tris(3-chloro-5methylphenylcarbamate) coated or covalently immobilized on silica for separation of enantiomers in high-performance liquid chromatography
P 3-027 684 Pharmaceutical Analysis Burcu Dogan Topal Anodic oxidation of adenine nucleoside analog fludarabine on NH2 functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotube modified glassy carbon electrode
P 3-028 685 Pharmaceutical Analysis Dilay Subasi Determination of dihydroxypropyl theophylline by square wave voltammetry using boron doped diamond electrode
P 3-029 710 Pharmaceutical Analysis Derar Mohammad Omari Use of ultrasound and microwaves to enhance solubility and bioavailability of modafinil: formulation and characterization of tablets for oral dosage form
P 3-030 694 Proteomics Engin Koçak Proteomics analysis of pseudomonas aeruginosa under ferrocene-boronic acid induced stress condition
P 3-031 387 Surface Science Mehmet Gülcan Graphene-based materials for the removal of Zn (II) from the aqueous solution: Isoterm and kinetic studies
P 3-032 611 Surface Science Krzysztof Mech Electrodeposition of Zn coatings reinforced with SiC nanoparticles
P 3-033 25 Chemical Analysis Fatiha Fatiha Optimization of the synthesis of mesoionics pyrimidinium betaines
P 3-034 27 Chemical Analysis Yuliya Yu Petrova Structural-group analysis of oil shale organic matter by infrared spectroscopy
P 3-035 58 Chemical Analysis Sergejs Osipovs Development of a SPA analysis method for the measurement of nitrogen organic compounds in producer gas
P 3-036 67 Chemical Analysis Viacheslav I Vershinin Interval estimation of similar analytes total content
P 3-037 82 Chemical Analysis Lokman Liv Realisation of a unified pH scale
P 3-038 87 Chemical Analysis Muhammad Saeed Ullah Thermogravimetric analysis of blends of biomass and indigenous coal
P 3-039 95 Chemical Analysis Yavuz Yardım Sensitive and simple electrochemical determination of higenamine using the pretreated pencil graphite electrode in the dietary supplements
P 3-040 104 Chemical Analysis Rodrigo Segura Voltammetric determination of As(III) in bivalve mollusks using a glassy carbon electrode modified with gold nanorods and electrochemically reduced graphene oxide
P 3-041 108 Chemical Analysis Andrey Bulatov Homogeneous liquid-liquid microextraction: recent advances and applications
P 3-042 127 Chemical Analysis Filipa Raquel Simoes Alkaline oxidation of carbon materials: from a chemical determination approach to a structural analysis perspective
P 3-043 134 Chemical Analysis Yimin Xu 4-in-1 toxic metals analysis in chinese proprietary medicines using ultrawave microwave acid digestion system
P 3-044 155 Chemical Analysis Aleksandrs Pučkins Chromatographic analysis of novel luminescent heterocyclic compounds derived from nitrobenzanthrones
P 3-045 223 Chemical Analysis Rui Miguel Ramos Determination of formaldehyde in wood-based products: Exploring the acetylacetone derivatization
P 3-046 235 Chemical Analysis Yun Xie A quick analysis of Strontium-90 in radioactive stainless steel samples from a research reator
P 3-047 294 Chemical Analysis Alexander Maltsev Influence of Pt matrix on determination of impurities in refined platinum by means of ICP-OES
P 3-048 299 Chemical Analysis Alla Ivanova New potentiometric method for investigation total antiradical capacity
P 3-049 325 Chemical Analysis Pelin Koseoglu Yilmaz Ultrasound and vortex-assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction (USVADLLME) of parabens
P 3-050 340 Chemical Analysis Dahmani Nacera Chemical analysis of essential oils and heavy compounds of artemesia herba alba from two regions of Algeria
P 3-051 369 Chemical Analysis Rachedi Yahia Synthesis and analysis of bispyrazole-thiazole-pyran-2-one-substituted, based condensed heterocycles
P 3-052 371 Chemical Analysis Yıldız Uygun Cebeci Synthesis of Diethanolamide Surfactants
P 3-053 421 Chemical Analysis Mereke Alimzhanova Quality control of pesticide products of glyphosate by HPLC method
P 3-054 422 Chemical Analysis Boryana Koleva Application of isotope dilution mass spectrometry for determination of element content in waters
P 3-055 428 Chemical Analysis Antonio Ruiz Medina Phytochemical analysis, antioxidant activity, and enzyme inhibitory properties of {berberis thunbergii} dc. leaves: a valuable source of phenolic acids
P 3-056 430 Chemical Analysis Pilar Ortega Barrales Graphene quantum dots-silver nanoparticles as a novel sensitive and selective analytical method for the detection of glyphosate in agri-food samples
P 3-057 432 Chemical Analysis Pilar Ortega Barrales Chemical profile and antioxidant activity of {Olea europaea} L. cv. Cornezuelo table olives. Influence of {in vitro} simulated gastrointestinal digestion
P 3-058 436 Chemical Analysis Diana Mariola Gordon Kinetic study on sulfur mustard degradation in Baltic Sea
P 3-059 443 Chemical Analysis María Luisa Fernández De Córdova Automated fluorimetric sensor for the determination of zearalenone mycotoxin in maize and cereal feedstuffs
P 3-060 444 Chemical Analysis María Luisa Fernández De Córdova Phytochemical and mineral composition of broccolini. Effect of different cooking methods
P 3-061 470 Chemical Analysis Sare Kesekler Effervescence-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on deep eutectic solvent for preconcentration and determination of lead in textile samples by using FAAS
P 3-062 471 Chemical Analysis Maha Yahya Preconcentration of cadmium and lead ions in hair dyes and henna samples based on deep eutectic solvent for liquid – liquid microextraction and determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
P 3-063 529 Chemical Analysis Aysu Arman Electrochemical determination of dopamine with using dopamine molecular memory-copolymer electrode
P 3-064 545 Chemical Analysis Chanika Pinyorospathum Liquid chromatography for separation of important insecticides coupled with amperometry on copper-gold nanoparticles modified boron-doped diamond electrode
P 3-065 662 Chemical Analysis Mehmet Gokhan Caglayan Fluorescence chemosensing of meldonium on paper microzone plates
P 3-066 670 Chemical Analysis Burcu Bekdeşer Peroxyl radical scavenging activity assay using starch stabilized-gold nanoparticles
P 3-067 676 Chemical Analysis Gamze Ergin Kızılçay Development and validation of HPLC-fluorescence method for determination of trans-resveratrol in rabbit plasma
P 3-068 680 Chemical Analysis Mario Juan Simirgiotis Phytochemistry, metabolomics and biological activity of gypothamnium pinifolium from Northern Chile
P 3-069 713 Chemical Analysis Mehmet Gumustas Comparison of fully porous silica and superficially porous silica phases for chromatographic resolution of enantiomers by supercritical fluid chromatography
P 3-070 708 Chemical Analysis Kenan Can Tok Efficient extraction method for simultaneous determination of bisphenols and phthalates in meconium specimens using GC-MS
P 3-071 52 Chemometrics Arsenio Muñoz De La Peña Three- and four-way data arrays, based in front-face fluorescence excitation-emission in polar and non-polar solvents, for classification of "tempranillo" grapes according to maturation stage and hydric status
P 3-072 72 Chemometrics Pavel Majek Determination of enantiomeric composition of drugs in different matrices by chemometric-assisted spectrometric methods
P 3-073 113 Chemometrics Safia Kellou Tairi Antioxidant activity mechanisms of some flavonoids: Dft study
P 3-074 214 Chemometrics Hector Goicoechea Third- and fourth-order data generation and modeling and their application in the analysis of complex systems
P 3-075 381 Chemometrics Abdelmalek Kachbi Differentiation of the infusion extracts of four spices by using mixed hierarchical models
P 3-076 440 Chemometrics Said A Hassan Advanced chemometric methods as a powerful tool for impurity profiling of bisoprolol and perindopril
P 3-077 501 Chemometrics Silenne Vinet Detection of powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) in Vitis vinifera using FT-IR microscopy and Vis-NIR spectroscopy
P 3-078 458 Clinical Chemistry Suat Ekin Protective effect of boric acid and borax on a-tocopherol, retinol, cholecalciferol and phylloquinone levels against 3-methylcholanthrene and benzo[a]pyrene induced oxidative damage in rats
P 3-079 503 Clinical Chemistry Maria Kulp Quantification of beta-lactam antibiotics in human plasma by HPLC-MS/MS method. Validation study
P 3-080 598 Clinical Chemistry Suat Ekin Analysis of human serum trace element and mineral levels by ICP-OES in patients with osteoporosis
P 3-081 623 Clinical Chemistry Durişehvar Özer Ünal Therapeutic drug monitoring of patients with cancer
P 3-082 624 Clinical Chemistry Çiğdem Sayıl Synthesis of new Mono-, and Bis-Substituted 2-Nitrohalo-1,3-Dienes
P 3-083 464 Biosensors Elif Burcu Aydin Ultrasensitive biosensing of NSE biomarker in human serum using poly(thiophene)-graft-poly(methacrylamide) modified ITO electrode
P 3-084 647 Clinical Chemistry Çiğdem Sayıl Design, synthesis, and antioxidant activity of heteroatom-substituted 1,4-naphthoquinones
P 3-085 23 Green Analytical Chemistry Zineb Lakache Total phenolics, flavonoids contents and antioxidant properties of different extracts of {cymbopogon citratus} leaves from algeria
P 3-086 33 Green Analytical Chemistry Mohamed Amine Ferhat Green extraction and chromatography of carotenoid from tomato
P 3-087 47 Green Analytical Chemistry Mohamed Amine Ferhat Green chemical processing in the teaching laboratory: A convenient solvent free microwave extraction of natural products
P 3-088 269 Green Analytical Chemistry Paniz Tashakkori Determination of phenolic compounds in wine samples by solid phase microextraction coupled with gc-ms
P 3-089 271 Green Analytical Chemistry Ana Jocić Selective separation of tungsten from vanadium and molibdenium using polymer based aqueous biphasic systems
P 3-090 273 Green Analytical Chemistry Paniz Tashakkori Analysis of phenolic compounds in fruit juices by hplc after spme using ionic liquid grafted montmorillonite coating
P 3-091 300 Green Analytical Chemistry Diğdem Trak Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using prune and its antibacterial activities
P 3-092 434 Green Analytical Chemistry Dönay Yuvalı A rapid, simple and new extraction method of Erythrosine (E127) with hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents from pharmaceutical samples
P 3-093 654 Laboratory Automation Burkhard Horstkotte Lab-In-Syringe: A versatile technique for automation of liquid phase microextraction approaches
P 3-094 17 Materials Science Yuliya Yurievna Petrova Surface molecular imprinting of quercetin with the use of glutathione
P 3-095 22 Materials Science Afir Arezki High temperature X-ray diffraction study of Tantalum – Carbides phases
P 3-096 99 Materials Science Safia Kellou Tairi Novel metal complexes with curcumin and its diacetyl derivative: Theoretical elucidation on the antioxidant activity
P 3-097 159 Materials Science Mamas Prodromidis Advanced sensors for heavy metals based on monoelemental 2D bismuthene and graphene nanocomposites produced by shear-force liquid exfoliation
P 3-098 307 Materials Science Anastasia Sergeevna Kholmogorova Physico-chemical properties and analytical application of dithiooxamidated polysiloxane
P 3-099 344 Materials Science Öznur Akbal Preparation of montmorillonite- protein nanocomposites to be used as drug delivery in cancer therapy
P 3-100 345 Materials Science Fernando José Godoy Dual mechanism for the detection and quantification of Copper (II) based on ˝turn-on˝ fluorescence response using asimetric ferrocenyl thiazolo[5,4d]thiazole probes
P 3-101 367 Materials Science Chikh Afir Houria Houria High temperature X-ray diffraction study of Tantalum – Oxides phases
P 3-102 382 Materials Science Yongchai Kwon Performance improvement of neutral aqueous organic redox flow battery using anthraquinone derivative and potassium iodide redox couple with additives
P 3-103 383 Materials Science Yongchai Kwon Performance evaluation of aqueous redox flow battery using alloxazine derivative and ferrocyanide redox couple with carboxylic acid-doped carbon nanotube catalyst
P 3-104 388 Materials Science Mehmet Gülcan Metal-organic framework-based silver nanoparticles for the biological applications: Preparation and detailed characterization
P 3-105 391 Materials Science Mohamed Benamor Statistical design of experiments for the optimization of the basic dye adsorption process by biopolymers in a batch system
P 3-106 543 Materials Science Rafaela Cristina De Carvalho A simple nanoparticle based TiO2 memristor device and the role of defect chemistry in its operation
P 3-107 562 Materials Science Babatunde Oji Sintering, characterization and evaluation of ceramics recycled from waste soda-lime-silica glass and white corn cob ash
P 3-108 683 Materials Science Ayşegül Gölcü The new metal-based compound from anticancer drug 5-fluorouracil
P 3-109 50 Materials Science Chadli Abdelhakim Structural, electronic and anisotropic elastic properties of h-YMnO3 in low symmetry: DFT calculations
P 3-110 118 Nano Analysis Francisco Pena Pereira Metal nanoparticles and nanoclusters for in-drop preconcentration and optical sensing of volatiles
P 3-111 347 Nano Analysis Eduardo Méndez Preliminary insights into lead ions detection with rhodizonate-capped gold nanoparticles
P 3-112 399 Nano Analysis Kader Can Manganese dioxide nanoparticle-based indirect determination of lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants using 3,3′,5,5′ tetramethylbenzydine reagent
P 3-113 621 Nano Analysis Cemil Aydoğan Porous layer open-tubular nano LC with novel chiral stationary phase
P 3-114 265 Pesticide-Residue Analysis Piia Jõul Selective extraction and analysis of pesticides by carbon aerogel-based solid-phase microextraction
P 3-115 469 Pesticide-Residue Analysis Cem Erkmen Development of RP-HPLC method for chlorothalonil, dinobuton and buprofezin from environmental samples
P 3-116 519 Pesticide-Residue Analysis Suzan El Akaad 3D bismuth ferrite nanoflowers electrochemical sensor for the multiple detection of pesticides
P 3-117 408 Biomolecular Analysis Young Kee Chae Investigation of propolis from various origins in Turkey
P 3-118 682 Biomolecular Analysis Öznur Aglar Preparation and binding studies with the START Domain of the Ceramide Transfer Protein (CERT) via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)