Dear Colleagues,

In the year 2020, the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (ABC) will be publishing a collection of papers in a topical paper collection of ‘Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry’  featuring selected contributions from the Euroanalysis XX Conference 2019.

We would like to encourage you to submit new exceptional research focussing on analytical and bioanalytical innovations to the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (

Manuscripts can be full Research Papers or Communications, presenting original, unpublished work on new analytical method developments or innovative analytical applications to be in agreement with the journal’s aims and scope. The Editors would like to point out that according to the editorial policy each submitted paper is subject to customary peer-review procedures and will be prescreened by the Editors first. Criteria for acceptance of a contribution include receipt of two positive referee reports by renowned experts of the respective field.

You will find the journal’s ‘Aims and Scope’ and ‘Instructions for Authors’ on the ABC homepage at Here are some further details on research article types:

  • For a full Research Paper, paper length must be appropriate to content. There is no strict page limit, but ABC advises a maximum length of up to 6 000 words including 20-30 references, plus 4-6 figures and 1-3 tables. Extensive tables, procedures, computer programs or animated graphics should be presented in form of Electronic Supplementary Material.
  • Communications are short, urgent, and original contributions that are likely to have a significant impact on the analytical chemistry community. A Communication needs to convincingly demonstrate ‘proof of principle’. There is no strict page limit for a Communication; however, we advise a length of 3000 words, plus 2 figures and/or tables, and 15 key references.

Please submit your paper online directly to the ABC editorial office at, preferably till November 30, 2019, and clearly indicate that the submission is dedicated to the collection of Euroanalysis 2019. We advise you to clearly point out novelty and analytical significance both in your cover letter and in the paper abstract, to ensure that this essential information is visible for Editors and reviewers.

Positive peer review preconditioned, accepted papers will be published online within about 20 days after acceptance, fully citable by DOI (Digital Object Identifier). ABC is pleased to announce that color figures will be printed in color free-of-charge, both in the online and print versions of the journal, and each author team will receive a free e-offprint (PDF including attractive cover sheet) of their published article. As a special feature for topical collection contributions, the published article receives an electronic link to the topical collection’s page at ABC (, where each contribution is displayed immediately upon its online publication.

With best regards,  

Sibel A. OZKAN