Laboratory of Analytical, Bioanalytical Sciences and Miniaturization (LSABM), School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry (ESPCI), Paris, France

Talk Title: Miniaturized and selective extraction sorbents coupled on-line to nanoLC for the determination of target analytes at the trace level in complex samples

Valérie PICHON is full professor at Sorbonne University (Paris) since 2010. She leads the Department of Analytical, Bioanalytical Sciences and Miniaturization (25 researchers), a part of the Institute of Chemistry Biology and Innovation (CBI) located at the ESPCI Paris. She also co-leads the CBI since January 2014 (more than 120 researchers).

Her major research interests include the synthesis and the characterization of stationary phases based on antibodies or aptamers and molecularly imprinted polymers to selectively extract target compounds (pesticides, pharmaceuticals, inorganic ions, natural toxins, proteins…) present at the trace level in complex samples (soils, sediments, foodstuff, biological fluids…). She also works on the miniaturization of these sorbents to couple them on-line with nanoLC-MS or to develop lab-on-chip systems.

She is author of more than 100 publications (h factor 39, google scholar source) and 5 book chapters. She was rewarded in 2001 with the Analytical Chemistry Department of the French Society of Chemistry Prize. She is currently Vice-President of AfSep (French Association of Separation Sciences). She was nominated in 2016 in the Power list of the Top 50 most influential women in the analytical sciences by “The Analytical Scientist” journal.