Analytical Chemistry at the University of Vienna, Austria

Talk Title: Enantioselective 2D-LC Concepts and their Implementation to Analyze D-Amino Acids and other Target Compounds

Wolfgang F. Lindner was appointed 1996 the Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Vienna, Austria, and became Emeritus in 2012. His research interests were influenced by pharmaceutical (life) sciences and by separation sciences related to HPLC, SFC, GC, CE/CEC and MS. In this context special interests in his research relates to non-covalent molecular interactions and recognition phenomena within the frame of stereochemistry and enantiomer discrimination. The development of novel synthetic chiral selectors (receptors) useful for enantioselective separation techniques but also for bioaffinity chromatography lies at the interface of organic, analytical and biological chemistry which characterizes best his scientific credo.
The spectrum of analytical applications spans from bioanalysis, amine analysis, environmental analysis to impurity analysis of bioactive compounds. He has published more than 490 scientific papers, 12 book chapters, holds 15 patents, etc. He has received a number of awards among them are the Chirality Medal, the ACS Award for Chromatography, the AGP Martin Medal, etc.