Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Living Biosystems
& Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China;
University of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100049, China;
Beijing National Lab for Molecular Sciences, Beijing 100190, China.

Talk Title: SPR imaging for pharmaceutical analysis

Dr. Yi Chen is currently a PI at Institute of Chemistry in Chinese Academy of Sciences, a Professor and Chair at Departmet of Analytical Chemistry, College of Chemistry, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a PI & Chair at Chemical Biology Division, Beijing National Lab for Moelcular Sciences. He is now elected vice-chairs of Beijing Chemical Society, Beijing Society of Chrimatography, and Analytical Instrumental Branch of China Instrument and Control Society, and vice-directors in the Devision/Pefessional Committees of Analytical Chemistry, Organic Analysis, and Mass Spectrometry in Chinese Chemical Society. He has ever visited the University of California Berkeley, USA, in 2002-2004, as a visiting scholar, and Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology, Germany, twice (1992-1994 and 1996-1997), as research fellows of Max-Planck Society and Alexandt von Humboldt Foundation. He has been working on capillary and chip-based separation since 1984, surface plasmon resonance imaging since 1997 and biomass spectrometry since 2006, with 290 authored and co-authored publications, 3 books and 15 book chapters, 30 patents, and more than 200 invited lectures. Presently he also serves as a deputy editor of Electrophoresis, and associate editors of (Chines) Analytical Chemistry and Chinese J. Chromatogr., and is memebrs of editorial/advisory boards of 16 scientific journals (including Sciences in China, Journal of Chromatography A, Journal of Chromatography B, Analytical Methods, and so forth).